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How to train your Dragon Parallel

Beautiful parallel, I’m so delighted someone is catching these!!! This is so important. Toothless’ high intelligence of emotion to feel when someone says sorry to the boy he loves. Only then would he give that person what they want. Only when they give that boy the respect he gives him would Toothless give people any slack.

Toothless made them both admit that they had the wrong impression of Hiccup and himself, and only then did he allow them what they wished, be it easing up the ride, and revealing his son. I find Toothless extremely perceptive and protective of Hiccup in these parts in particular.

He was REALLY pissed at Astrid for smacking Hiccup’s hand and running off. His whole body language when they were in the tree and on the ground said ‘you want to start something? Fine. BACK OFF.’ And he did it in a way that never physically harmed her, because he KNEW Hiccup didn’t want her hurt, since Hiccup insisted she was a friend, regardless of her actions. 

And then there was Stoick. He’d chained up Toothless and released him, said he was proud of his son and everything, but he still made Stoick admit he was sorry and wrong about them both. He took the time to judge if it was true or not, making absolutely sure he meant it. Because if he hadn’t meant it, then Hiccup’s sacrifices would have been for nothing.

Toothless is a gem of a character and he never speaks a single word. He shielded Hiccup’s body from the fall and protected most of him as best he could because this dragon cares about him more than anything else in the world. In GotNF, he stays out for days looking for Hiccup’s helmet not because it’s just a silly human thing…. that helmet reminds Hiccup of his mother, and I think Toothless either senses this, or understands that he places significance to it, because he brings it back just for him. He smashes his tail because he likes their partnership more than the freedom of having a complete tail. 

Toothless everybody.


There’s only one term for it… Toothless Justice





Fans React to Green Lantern the Animated Series Finale

SPOILER WARNING: do not watch if you have not watched the finale episode of GLTAS, “Dark Matter”

This was filmed at Moore’s Deli in Burbank, California

All will be well.

Loved being there for this. Loved the episode. I am continually amazed and heartened by the passion both fans and creators have for this show. Ya’ll are wonderful.

A big thank you to Moore’s Deli for hosting (if you’re ever in Burbank, visit, good food, pretty art in the back room), and to TheMaskedMan for organizing. The seats were all taken at 9:30am, but we managed to stuff that room beyond capacity.

I have video of the speeches given by Giancarlo Volpe, Jim Krieg, Greg Weisman, and Brandon Vietti after the episodes that I will upload tonight.

Hey, akiwitch & harechanart I told you guys I got to go to a meetup in Burbank to watch the final episode, and Mr. Volpe redorded the fan reactions. You are not alone by a long shot. :) (I’m the one leaning against the wall wearing the the green hood and crying.)

Reblogging for intense memory feels.
I love how at around 0:37: 
You can see a bunch of us fangirl screaming and completely losing it. 

HAHAHA WOW! I haven’t seen this in a while. I just lose it completely on so many occasions in this, especially at 0:37 lol. I still laugh at the fact you can so clearly here me say “NO NOT AGAIN!” My heart broke so hard.

I miss this so much I’m still so glad I was able to go for my birthday and for the finally such great times.


Robin’s dream sequence in the Teen Titans Go! episode “Dreams”

Hey guys, they’re totally kissing!

LMAO!!! The fact that the lip sync matches so well is what gets me laughing like crazy! I LOVE IT XD!